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The Death Of Hon Kenneth Matiba Confirms Moi Was A Monster Who Should Be Condemned And Forgiven


The passing on of Mzee Matiba is a painful reminder of the monster Mzee Moi became after Mt Kenya mafia threatened his leadership. We are reminded by the scripture that we bear responsibility for our actions but then again here on earth we are cognizant of the fact that sometimes human beings can be and indeed often are reactionary.

Matiba suffered under Moi. Matiba bled under Moi. Matiba lost sleep under Moi. Matiba knew no peace under Moi. A once industrious man with the right mix of intellectualism and peasant values, a man who understood that whereas it was right to politic it was also imperative to be informed, a man who had the right blend of pragmatism and idealism……was reduced to an incoherent bogey….It is rumoured that he was given a mercury injection during Moi’s time..

I can’t wait to hear what Gideon Moi will say during Matiba’s funeral.

As for me and mine, we say he was a man…..A patriot….a warrior…a galant member of the justice league….

Had I come of age at the height of fiery agitation for an expanded democratic space, I have no doubt in my soul, mind, and body that I would have been Matiba’s comrade in arms.

Safe journey Mzee Matiba. May your journey to the spirit world be full of Grace. May you find more peace and move closer to the Master Spirit as you claim your rightful place not just in earthly history but in the eternal order. Say hi to my friends….who have graced eternity already…..salute Plato on my behalf. Tell him I still cherish The Republic. Say hi to Socrates. Tell him he still inspires me. Hi-five Sir Isaac Newton for me. Remind him of his humbling admission of the presence of the designor behind the intelligent design. Greet Euripides, Aristophanes, and Sophocles. Back- pat Alexander, Caesar, Constantine, and Martin Luther King too. Give a bear hug to Malcolm X. Do a waltz with Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, and Madiba. Tell them we, the sons of the Sun, the warriors with the skin of honey, pay tribute to their legacy.

Most importantly, say hi to Jesus Christ……I hope He receives you personally so that you can taste unequalled glory. Tell Him how much we need His Grace every millisecond of our lives down here.


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