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Julius Malema Speech At Winnie Mandela Funeral Was ‘Plagiarized’ From Hon Orengo Tribute To Jaramogi


Senator James Orengo (in a blue jacket) with Hon Jakoyo Midiwo. Photo courtesy of THE STANDARD

Julius Malema lit fire at Winnie Mandela’s burial by telling off those who went there to shed crocodile tears yet they had tormented her. Many are asking where we shall get a Malema at Ken Matiba’s funeral. Twenty four years ago we had one James Aggrey Orengo. Below is his speech at Jaramogi’s funeral in February 1994:

“Woe unto you hypocrites! Yes, I say again woe unto you hypocrites, who tortured and detained this great man, and now come here in false praise of his greatness.

For many vilified him, abused him, scorned him, called him senile, called him blind; and now, for the past fortnight since Jaramogi died, have sung his praises, expressing false grief.

Inwardly they mourn not. Hypocrites are forever the swine of human civilization. Woe unto them.

The Pharisees had false knowledge and perception of God. They were men of God and yet they had no faith or belief in God. The Pharisees and high priests of Kenya’s politics are men without principle and without vision.”


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