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City Lawyer SOYINKA LEMPAA Recalls How He Was Suspended From High School Because Of MATIBA


I remember this day 13th July 1990. I went for for the newspapers in the Staff room at Molo Academy. I collected the Standard and the Taifa Leo. Around the same time Moi had detained Kenneth Njido Matiba, Raila Amollo Odinga and Charles Wanyoike Rubia.

In the Tailfa Leo Moi posed with Mandela in the front page picture. I was incensed by the picture. I asked Thuku whether Moi has any moral credibility to pose with Mandela having detained Matiba and Co.

I had a pencil in my desk and I removed it and poked the eyes of the picture of the club totting dictator Daniel arap Moi! A saved student by the name Charles Maina Rukwaro grabbed the Taifa Leo Newspaper and rushed to the deputy headmaster’s office Mr. Richard Sinei who used to teach us Agriculture. No sooner had Mr Sinei saw the picture of Moi with poked eyes than he started shaking with rage.

When I got to his office, the beating I got was not a student teacher discipline! It was the beginning of tribal clashes. Why do you do this to Mtukufu Rais he charged as he tries every effort to inflict as much physical pain as he could.

After several slaps and kicks all over my body, as a young boy, Sinei thrashed me on the ground in his office and stepped on my head almost in s similar version as the police man who was caught on camera stepping on a citizen that went viral.

After some minutes, Wahome Thuku was ushered in the office and was asked whether he was there and he answered in affirmative but to the surprise of Maina and John Siele who accompanied Maina as a witness said that he supported my actions!. He was told to kneel down .

The following morning Wahome and I were summoned in Mr. Sinei’s office and as we stood outside the office we could hear his Secretary typing suspension letters which were signed by Andrew Nyaundi Obiri who suspended us during the entire period of the mocks exams.

We were in form 4. That is how I remember Kenneth Njindo Matiba. I refuse to join cowards and betrayers in selfish mourning the death of Matiba, I celebrate his life.


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