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Uhuru Set To Roll Out Another Scam To Siphon 4 Billion; Medical Cover For Secondary Students Is Big Scam


By Oguyo Thiringi

Ksh.4billion medical cover for public Sec schools students is a big scam..

A leadership always calculating how to create deals is either in place illegally or stole power. To spend 4 billion shillings paying some phony medical cover that only duplicates an existing NHIF insurance scheme is an open scam.

Parents already have children covered under their NHIF insurance schemes and paying some abnormal deductions. But Uhuru is announcing how the government will pay another a premium of Ksh 1350/- to all the 3 million public secondary school students in what is an obvious syndicate.


How many secondary school teenagers dies in a year as compared to the old above 70 and the young in basic school years?. What is a secondary student being insured for because at high school I can’t remember falling sick as compared to young siblings and aging parents. If it happened, schools have small medical clinics. I remember we were given free paracetamols and if need be, required antibiotics. Still one could be referred to the nearby medical facility for specialized attention at little cost or on your parents medical cover.

What Uhuru announced is a duplication of the same and I smell something sinister.

Who will be the underwriter, I mean which insurance firm will be contracted, could it be another Amaco fiasco?.
Will the tendering process be done credibly and in a transparent way above board?. What of cheats in the chain because the current NHIF is a cash cow allover and nothing is done to tame it.

The president’s handlers and advisors must desist from misleading him to the ditch. Whatever “legitimacy” Raila conferred to him after the handshake with be dwindled in the due course, I can see.!

Why can’t they repair crumbling Education sector, pay striking lecturers, employ more teachers in public schools esp in Northern Kenya na Rais awachane na PR ?.

The government should revamp Public Health sector to reach majority rather than venturing into another expensive wild goose similar to those expensive medical containers idling at the port.

I hope Okiya Omutata Okoiti is reading…



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