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“Referee Has A Trash Bin Where His Heart Should Be,” BUFFON Tells English Referee MICHAEL OLIVER


Juventus goalkeeper Gigi Buffon criticized English referee Michael Oliver on the grounds that he had a “dustbin” where he would beat his heart and condemn the Italians to Champions League elimination after Real Madrid made one in the third minute Penalty After the break Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal for the semi-final.

After a foul on Lucas Vázquez in the final stages of the dramatic quarter-final, which Madrid won 4: 3, Oliver had to accept the penalty. He sent Buffon out in protest, his last European game ending with applause from local fans.

“To forgive such a dubious or very dubious punishment just before the final whistle and destroy the work of a team” Who really gave everything you need to have a trash can instead of your heart, “Buffon said. “A human can not decide how to eliminate a team with such a decision. If I do not feel well enough, I stand in a corner. He should do the same. It is a question of sensitivity. It means you do not know where you are, which teams are playing, you do not know shit.

The goalkeeper added, “You have to be prepared for a game like this. You have to watch the first leg and see that a similar foul was not punished with a penalty for Juventus. And above all, you need personality to lead a game like this. If you do not have a personality, you should watch the game from the tribune with your wife and your children over fries. What did I tell him when I protested? I could say anything right now, because if you make such a decision at some point in the game, you do not know what sport is.

“We had done something that seemed impossible, it is a pity that it ended wrongly, it was a tenth of a penalty, but life goes on.”

Max Allegri, the manager of Juventus, defended Buffon and said his reaction was “understandable” and admitted that he had talked to the suspended Sergio Ramos when they met at the mouth of the tunnel. A real defender had watched the second half.

“It was a moment of confusion,” Allegri said. “Gigi had that reaction, but that’s understandable, I do not know if that was his last game, it was still three seconds and the result would be historical, super important and he had a human reaction.”

“The referee took the red card out and sent him out. As for the penalty, the referee said and he whistled and there is nothing else we can say, but we have a bitter taste. Allegri admitted that he was angry, hurt and convinced that Juventus had at least earned it a dramatic quarter-final in extra time, but said, “Crying is now useless.”

When he left, he arrived Ramos in the tunnel “he told me it was a clear punishment,” Allegri reveals. “I said, sure, gray, at least.”


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