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PAULINE NJOROGE: KARANJA KIBICHO’s Side Chic & Online Attack Dog Against Gov. MIKE SONKO


It is now clear that Statehouse slay queen with oversize boobs Pauline Njoroge is not only a fucking machine but also an attack dog for Jubilee operatives.

Pauline Njoroge is one of those bimbos who refuse to who refuse not to sweat like other hardworking Kenyan girls but elect to use their bearded meat as money making machines. This woman has served nearly all senior government officials. She is currently Interior Permanent Secretary Karanja Kibicho’s side chic.

Reliable sources indicate that Kibicho is using Pauline Njoroge as to attack Nairobi governor Mike Sonko because he has declined their advances to extort cash and tenders from the County coffers

Recently, Pauline Njoroge while acting on instructions from Kibicho, took it to social media to slur Sonko and undermine his performance after Sonko refused to give in to demands from the Mt. Kenya Mafia who are clearly not happy with a non-Kikuyu as governor of Nairobi.

Despite that, Sonko has no hard feelings towards the Kikuyu community. In fact, his largest support base encompasses the Kikuyu community. As a matter of fact, his government is composed of 70 per cent Kikuyus.

Pauline should be ashamed of herself and leave Sonko alone. We are aware that in the past she has unsuccessfully pursued Sonko but Sonko resisted her advances. Therefore, she is not only carrying out an assignment, but also on a revenge mission.

We all know who Pauline Njoroge is. She is a clay footed slay queen who hangs around State House hunting for senior government officials.

What she doesn’t know is that these Ninjas will fuck and dump her. She should leave Sonko alone because she doesen’t know what it feels like going around Nairobi convincing people to vote for you.

People like Karanja Kibicho should stop acting like cowards. Why fight their fellow men using slay queens? Why can’t Karanja Kibicho come out publicly and fight Sonko instead of taking it to slay queens?


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