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The CURSE Of Rigging Elections Catches Up With Ezra Chiloba, Statehouse Okays His SACKING


Finally Statehouse operatives have okayed the sacking of IEBC Chief Executive Officer Ezra Chiloba after successfully supervising rigging of 2017 general election. He is not of any value now that Uhuru second term has been secured.

Sources also confirm that Chiloba is facing tough times as his calls to his statehouse linkman have never been answered since January 2018.

According to a story carried out in Today’s Star, IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati has suspended CEO Ezra Chiloba.

It is understood that the chairman and three other commissioners asked Chiloba to go home “because of procurement issues”. It was not immediately clear yesterday what the issues are, although Chebukati has previously raised questions regarding a number of technology-related procurement.

According to sources within the commission, Chebukati who has not had a cordial relationship with Chiloba over issues revolving the 2017 elections and wants a number of issues investigated while Chiloba is away.

In 2017 elections, Chiloba undermined Chairman Chebukati severally putting him to shame. Todate Chebukati is a hated man and looks very insecure.

The Opposition had demanded Chiloba’s removal, saying he rigged the bungled August 8 election, in which Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner.

The decision to send Chiloba packing was made last week. Attempts to serve him with the suspension letter on Friday failed because the CEO had left his office before the letter was delivered.

“It was taken to his office but the secretary refused to receive it and insisted that the bearer should serve her boss himself,” a senior IEBC official said.

Three commissioners — Chebukati, Abdi Guliye and Molu — reportedly made decision that has divided the commission and sent panic throughout the secretariat.

Two commissioners — vice chair Consolata Maina and Paul Kurgat — are reported to have opposed the decision. Maina is said to have protested the move and stormed out of the meeting, saying she would not be party to the decision.


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