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Why Some LUO Bloggers Are Useful Idiots For Abandoning Dr. MIGUNA Who Is Wasting Away In Dubai


By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka The Banana Peddler

As we pen this, Luo bloggers are currently the laughing stock in the country. They are now the most idiotic online warriors in Kenya. They have lost their compos mentis to the dogs. Look at them now, they are mercilessly deconstructing each other left right and centre. They are aimlessly hurling orals stones at each other because of one exiled man called Dr. Joshua Miguna Miguna. The rest of us have been reduced to mere bystanders.

The enthusiasm and passion that Luos have sparklingly displayed in the course of Miguna’s struggle to regain his birthright, has confirmed how smart Kikuyu bloggers are. When Raila was trying to secure Miguna’s release, all Luo bloggers were behind him. NASA bloggers offered their support for Miguna pro bono because Baba was “trying harder” to save him. After Baba “failed” to secure the freedom of Miguna, and suddenly turned deaf and dumb about the entire issue, the clueless bloggers and online Mujahedeen turned their guns against Dr. Miguna.

If you want to confirm how idiotic these Luo bloggers have become, the guns they attacked government with while defending Miguna, are the same guns they ate attacking Miguna with while defending the government and Opposition leader Raila ‘Joshua’ Odinga.

-Are these not the same people that told us Miguna is Kenyan by birth, therefore does not require any documentation to enter his country of birth? Are they not the same people who are now telling Miguna how he should have produced his Canadian travel documents to the authorities before he is accepted back?

-Are these not the same people who were ululating to the whole world that their son is a typical Kenyan from Nyando, (In fact, to buttress my facts, they were referring to him as JaNyando) and should be allowed back home prima facie – unconditionally? Are they not the same people who have suddenly turned against JaNYANDO and are now accusing him of conspiracy to dislodge Baba’s handshake, break his marriage with Mt Kenya and eventually blemish his soup?

Are these not the same people that were rechristening Miguna with beautiful names like GENERAL and showering him with saintly and heroic praises? Are they not the same people that are now calling the same General “TRAITOR”

-Are these not the same bloggers who drenched Miguna’s Raila-appointed congress of legal minds –Senior Counsels James Aggrey Orengo, Nelson Havi, Soweto and Cliff Ombeta – with water of accolades for braving into Miguna’s makeshift toilet cell to give him food and show him solidarity? Are they not the same people who have suspectedly benefacted a hungry group of old men masquerading as Luo elders, to accuse the same Orengo for aiding Miguna in his mission to destroy Baba’s new marriage while he is still honeymooning?

Why did the useless “elders” yes, – useless because as another Gusii proverb puts it “Not every old man is wise because even fools grow old” – disown Miguna yet they know well he is the true son of the soil, conceived and birthed by a Luo woman, courtesy of a Luo man? Is Raila grand son of King Nabongo og Mumia more Luo than Miguna? What a load of bullshit!

Are these not the same people who leagued with Dr. Miguna to call Uhuru Kenyatta and Kikuyus despots whose demagoguery surpasses that of former NAZI leader Adolf Hitler? Are they not the same humans that have leagued with the same despot and his Kikuyus to put Dr. Miguna in his place? In fact, Uhuru Kenyatta and his Kikuyu bloggers have taken a back seat; they are watching events on how Luo bloggers are foolishly mauling each other like zombies.

As you think about it, in my Abagusii community, there is a proverb that says “A bird that stays in the tree for too long, attracts a stone” Raila has been in politics for too long. He has done a lot of good things. In fact, it is as a result of the freedom that he fought for, that I am able to pen this piece freely and criticize him. However, that does not mean that should not be criticized. He is a human just like the rest of us.

Luo bloggers must draw a line in regard to their sycophancy for Raila Odinga. When Raila says jump, they should reason for themselves and first ask why before how high. Unfortunately, they have been zombified. They can only do what they think Raila wants. Last week Raila opposed the deportation of Miguna and they were solidly behind him – including myself. By keeping quiet, Raila started supporting it indirectly and the sycophants turned their arrows against Miguna.

I am sure if Raila again starts fighting for Miguna’s comeback, the same keyboard warriors from Luo-land insulting Miguna will without any compunction “turn over a new leaf” join Baba and start insulting Uhuru. They will display their grammatical wizardry in favour of Miguna. There is no ugly adjective that will remain unused against the person of the President and his Kikuyu people.

But take this to the bank, were it that Miguna was a Kikuyu, Kikuyu bloggers won’t divide. Uhuru would team up with his rivals and ensure they help him. Uhuru would team up with David Ndii, Jimmy Wanjigi and Martha Karua to ensure their son comes back home. But look at poor Luos now.

Before I wind out, let me take this opportunity and felicitate those few Luos like Anwar Saddat Onyango and the rest who stood with Dr. Miguna even as the rest followed their Baba to slavery.

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(The writer sells Bananas in the streets of Kisii County)


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