‘I Never Refused To Meet Governor Joho At Dubai Hospital, Ignore Jubilee Propaganda”- Miguna Clarifies


    By Dr Miguna Miguna

    Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho has never written to me or called me. I have never received a request either from him or from anyone else that he would like to meet or speak with me.

    I would have had no reason to decline such a request. I have no ill will towards Joho or anyone else.

    My persecutors are the tyrants in Jubilee!

    In fact, I have never been in possession of Joho’s telephone number, nor has he ever contacted me at any time in my life.

    The claims being advanced that I declined to meet Joho in Dubai are being done for PR, propaganda or malicious reasons.

    Kenyans should treat them with the contempt they deserve.

    Dr. Miguna Miguna
    Dubai International Airport
    March 31, 2018


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