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FACTS: Why ‘Lunatic’ Miguna Miguna Must Be Ignored


By T Ototo
Miguna was held in police custody for five days. Raila was held for nine years. Miguna’s house was damaged. Raila’s life was messed. Miguna risked his life on January 30th. Raila has risked his life since the 80s for this country.
Miguna is complaining about legal fee for one court case, Raila has paid for countless cases without as much as a whisper.

Miguna, go grow up. Stop bitching like an octopussy flesh trader. We have eaten teargas countless times. We have used our resources to campaign for Raila. We have lost friends because of Raila, yet we have not written letters to him.

Raila is not your age mate. You can write another book. That will change nothing. Raila is an institution not an individual. Now go look for your age mate Kuria and have breakfast. If he’s unavailable find Duale.



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