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Miguna Miguna: This Is The Way Forward For Kenya After Raila Uhuru Handshake


By the National Resistance Movement-Kenya General, Miguna Miguna
Issued in forced-exile at the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, March 12, 2018

Our beloved country is at a political crossroad.

We, the people of Kenya, will have to decide the correct path to turn at this critical juncture.

We must decide how we want to live with one another; how we want to co-exist as neighbours and fellow citizens.

We will have to choose our destiny as a country and the future of our children.

The destiny of generations to come is in our hands; not in the hands of a few selfish, privileged, cynical and entitled elite.

The decision of how we are going to move forward, backward or to stagnate as a country is ours.

For more than half a century, Kenya has been under the clutches of an immoral and selfish elite that has divided and manipulated us in pursuit of their personal, individual and family interests.

This must come to an end today; not tomorrow!

For more than 55 years, the myopic elite has lied to Kenyans that our ethnic and cultural differences matter more than the issues that confront us together as a people: issues of tribalism, unemployment, poverty, exploitation, homelessness, corruption and theft of public resources by the elite, oppression, extra-judicial killings, violations of our human rights and many other ills.

For decades, the retrogressive elite has propagated a myth that “one of our own” must be in power for us to live a better life.

The elite has distorted our history, manipulated and exploited our ignorance and fears in order to feather their nests. Their empty promises of “a better life” have been the poison that dilated our hearts and weakened our determination.

The propaganda of the immoral elite can’t invalidate the truth: Whether we live in Bondo or Marsabit, in Kirinyaga or Eldoret, in Turkana or Mombasa, we, the people of Kenya, have been – and are – united in gnashing our teeth in poverty, exploitation, oppression and anguish.

The material conditions of ninety-nine per cent of Kenyans are the same. We all live in squalor, face economic hardships and police brutality together!

It doesn’t matter if we are Luo or Kikuyu, Kalenjin or Kamba, Luhya or Maassai, Ekigusii or Pokomo.

We, the people of Kenya, have been living in poverty and sadness for decades while the elite has been enjoying themselves in posh resorts with our hard-earned money, which they have looted.

It is not a cliché to repeat this truism: That there are only two tribes in Kenya – the rich and the poor!

For more than five decades, the immoral elite has kept telling Kenyans that our lives would get better with time; that we only need to tighten our belts and trust them with our lives and future.

The cynical elite has been telling us to be patient and to wait as they gorge themselves with our land and tax money.

The retrogressive elite has been preaching to us to accept the little we have; that “God creates leaders” and that “leaders are entitled to live in comfort and opulence” as we have continued to suffer and live on left overs.

The entitled elite has been telling us to “embrace peace and move on” when they are the ones who instigate, fuel and promote the wars, divisions, antagonisms and confrontations.

“We must preach reconciliation and peace,” they tell us, without caring to reflect on and address why the murderous security forces maimed and killed thousands of us, as we supported their staged and manipulative causes.

The immoral elite has kissed, hugged and made up before the rivers of blood we shed in pursuing their elfish agendas and our national interests have dried up; before grass has grown on the graves of the martyrs of the struggle.

Consequently, we are not buying and will not buy their lies anymore!

What patience and what peace are they talking about? Where do they want us to move to?

Fellow patriots and comrades, today we are telling the selfish elite that we are not and will not be patient anymore.

We are telling them that their peace is not our peace. That their mythical destination is not our destination.

If we look at each other – if we honestly do – we see nothing else than the bitter truth, that their Kenya is not our Kenya!

Their peace, stability and prosperity are inimical to ours.

We are living in a defining moment.

All attempts to liberate our beloved country have so far been sabotaged by the elite who has consistently conspired against us.

Some of the “leaders” who have stood for positive, transformative change have suddenly and inexplicably abandoned us.

They didn’t bother even to consult us. They didn’t care about our fresh wounds and the dead.

Those who claimed to be fighting for us – the people of Kenya – have joined the Merchants of Impunity.

They have fortified the enemies of the people and tried to weaken us.

The illegitimate, despotic Jubilee has gobbled up, compromised and defeated some of our most dependable “Field Marshalls.”

Over the decades, the Merchants of Impunity have used assassinations or bribery of the liberation champions so as to undermine our struggle.

That’s how they conspired and murdered Patrice Lumumba, Eduardo Mondlane, Thomas Sankara and Chris Hani – true and upright African revolutionaries!

However, this is not the time for recriminations or mourning!

This is the time to break free from the culture of subterfuge, lies and mythical spells of the immoral elite.

We must break free from lies that have blindfolded us and concealed the evil intentions by the rapacious and greedy elite.

We must break loose from the fatigues of the struggle and temptations and allure of the trappings of state power and the emptiness of the elite PR stunts.

We have a right to our personal security, Kenyan passports and the ability to travel in and out of the country. We have a right to our lives and the sanctity of our homes. These are not privileges for the hypocritical elite to boast of “restoring” upon us.

We must RESIST all forms of compromise the cynical elite is dangling before us. Their calls of “unity and reconciliation” are the poisoned chalice intended to kill our ripe revolution.

A new revolutionary movement must and will emerge from the ashes of our martyrs to liberate our people once and for all.

This is and will be a movement we have never seen in our land before.

It is ideologically pure, coherent and pragmatic. It is solidly grounded on the existing, concrete material conditions that we find ourselves in.

It is led, welded together and propelled by organic, genuine, disciplined, focused and courageous youth, women and men of integrity.

This is a movement that will positively and fundamentally change the lives of the people of Kenya forever.

The time for deceptive leaders, the culture of impunity and empty promises is over!

Join us to liberate Kenya from 55 years of ORGANISED ELITE deception, plunder and confusion.

The Mother of all Liberation Battles and our movement’s surge begins on March 26, 2018!


Aluta Continua!

Toronto, Canada


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