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9 Reasons Why Raila Saved NASA Supporters, Meeting Uhuru Game Changer


1.The diehards in the jubilee camp have been neutralized. William Ruto has been castrated and reduced to following events via the media. There is no chance of a Ruto presidency. Thank You President Odinga

2.The onslaught against our people by the security forces has stopped and our children are safer. He has donated to the funerals of all the victims of the 2017 election violence.

3.The Nasa coalition was weak and now President Odinga is in a stronger position to negotiate. Close sources inform us that the self-interests of the NASA principles were now in play with those of the people placed on the back table -> NASA principles were behind closed doors pressing H.E Odinga to retire now and forget about 2017 and name Kalonzo (the betrayer) as the successor.

4.The Nasa coalition was being weakened by flip flopping principals and now President Odinga is in a stronger position to negotiate from the point of view of President to President and not coalition leader to party leader.

5.The diplomatic community and the world had turned their backs on Kenya and were pressuring strong action against the people. Not one major international player publicly stood with NASA.

6.If it came to war, NASA supporters were sitting ducks. They had no weapons, ammunition or money. The battle was a blood bath waiting to happen

7.Military answers to political problems alone don’t work. At the heart of many violent conflicts lie issues of inequality, injustice and exclusion. While criminality can feed on and into a conflict, there are often genuine and unaddressed grievances at play and expressed in violence.

8.President Odinga has never killed anybody and will not begin now in order to attain power. He has risked his life many times over the years but more recently when his car was shot at severally on his return from the US in November. A week later during the coronation of Uhuru he was attacked again by security forces at Jacaranda grounds.

9. He has shown NASA supporters that he will die for them. On January 30th 2018, when all his comrades and other cowards ran away from him, when his people were filled to the brim at Uhuru Park and when Uhuru would have fired a bullet or dropped a bomb, President Odinga stood in white, holding the Bible and showed his people that he would die for them. President Odinga has NEVER left his people, let us be patient and believe that he will not begin now.


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