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Truce: Uhuru and Raila Bury The Hatchet For The Sake Of Kenyans


President Uhuru Kenyatta and political nemesis Raila Odinga in a welcomed change of tune have decided to shelve their differences for the sake of Kenyans.

Speaking at Uhuru’s Harambee House offices after a closed door meeting, the leaders agreed that Kenya is bigger than any individual and said it was anew dawn for the Country.

“Starting today we begin a process of togetherness and we look forward to the support of every single leader and kenyan,” Uhuru Kenyatta said

Raila said the leaders owed Kenyans a duty to unity, peace and selflessness.

Such a time has for Kenya, 54 years after independence, Kenya has been divided along, ethic line,we moved from elections without dealing with the challenges that. Our diversity seems to be a curse,” Raila asserted adding that “it is time to shelve our differences that have become too entrenched.”

Raila added that “My brother and I have come to say it is enough; it is not under us that Kenya will be a failed Nation.

Uhuru on his part reiterated that “this country is greater than any one individual, leaders must come together and discuss freely what ails our country.”


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