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Revealed: Raila Is Right In Meeting Uhuru


August 1982. Raila Odinga has been tortured for four days non stop. He is oscillating between conscious and unconscious. His head is swollen and bleeding. He can’t see properly and can’t stand on his swollen feet. He is at the GSU headquarters. He is also very hungry, having not eaten for days. Police Commissioner Ben Gethi walks in with a hot, succulent roasted goat leg, accompanied by four other cops. Gethi is as drunk as his mother, and is chewing on the goat leg, as he asks his cops to beat Raila some more. They land on him with broken furniture and beat him down to unconsciousness.

Your father was not there, yet you think Raila has betrayed you!

Manyani Prison, God knows which year. Mosquitoes descend on Raila, the light in the cell doesn’t go off and attracts even more insects. Daytime temperatures reach 40s, night time temperatures are as low as Murkomen’s IQ. Raila writes to the authorities saying he doesn’t want to be at Manyani. A doctor comes to check him and finds he is doing badly. The doctor prescribes the wrong medicine. Raila almost dies. By the time another doctor comes, his limbs are just about due for amputation. He survives narrowly.

Your father was not there, yet you think Raila has betrayed you.

Kamiti Maximum Prison, God knows which fucking year. Deputy Police Commissioner Phillip Kilonzo and the Commissioner of prison visit Raila, who hasn’t eaten for two weeks. They tell him they will force-feed him with a pipe! He looks them in the eye and tells them they are small men with a small mentality and they can go screw a mango! They are shocked beyond words. They walk out without another word.

Your father was not there, yet you think Raila has betrayed you.

1988. Mama Ida Odinga has long been fired from her job as a teacher. The police keep surrounding her home. She gets home one day to find her maid and infant have been arrested. She traces both to a police cell. She has had to live with police harassment and humiliation every day since her husband was arrested. She has no friends left. Her children cannot play with other children. The stigma is real.

Your mother was not there, yet you think Raila has betrayed you.

1989. Raila is escaping through Lake Lolwe, disguised as a Legio Maria Priest. A Kenya Army platoon led by Major Diffu has him on the crosshairs, ready to blow the boat and Raila up. Somehow, the order does not come to execute, so he survives, barely.

Your father was not there, yet you think Raila has betrayed you.

When Raila was first arrested at the house of Oki Ooko Ombaka, he was taken alone. When he was beaten and tortured and humiliated, he was alone. From Naivasha, Hola, Shimo La Tewa, Kamiti, Manyani, he was alone. He gave his life for this. We have made strides. We have found our voices. Because he stood up when your entire clans chose cowardice. There is no contract you have with Raila that he must die for you. There is no law stipulating that a 73 year old man will give his life for you 30 year old able bodied clowns! And Raila has not stopped you forming your party and taking us to that Canaan of yours!

So please give us a FUCKING break!


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