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ODM Making Plans to Dump NASA in Favour of New Alliances Ahead Of 2022


The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has unveiled a five member team tasked with evaluating the suitability of its sustained stay in the NASA coalition.

The Party has vowed to act on the recommendations of the task force tasked to craft an exit strategy for ODM should it find that the Party is better off without the sister parties that form the coalition.

The Party’s Secretary General Edwin Sifuna unveiled the team made of Catherine Mumma, Larry Gumba, Irshad Sumra, Alfelt Gunda and Tony Moturi on Thursday at the ODM offices. The five have been given the go ahead to review the coalition’s performance in 2013 and 2017 general elections’ benefits to the party. If the team finds the coalition unbeneficial, then it could quit.

Sifuna said the taskforce would review ODM’s ideology, shared values and manifesto, for the last three general elections, starting from the 2007, a time of its formation and remark on the relevance.
“The overall mandate of the taskforce is to examine the general performance of the party in the 2017 elections, to consider and review the party’s ideology, our shared value and manifesto platforms, for the 2007, 2013 and 2017 general elections and remark on their relevance in the current political atmosphere,” he added.

The team, it has emerged, is also meant to review the party’s engagement with electoral alliances and coalitions, and how it has impacted on the party’s growth.

He added that the taskforce is expected to act independently and later submit its findings to the National Executive Committee for an enhanced decision making. It follows that should ODM fail to notice the impact the other political parties have had on its growth; the party could seek new alliances and political partners.

Sifuna said the Coalition’s sole mandate at the moment is to resolve the current electoral injustices before any discourse on 2022 adding that “if someone has no blood for such a course, then there is always an alternative.”


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