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How Raila’s Move Has Thrown NASA Co Principals and their Lapdogs into Disarray


It was unexpected. Not even the self styled, fickle-minded, pedestrian political analysts who flock TV stations and Radio to regale us with depth-less analysis could have guessed an alliance between Kenya’s top most scions.

Though supporters of NASA have expressed mixed feelings over this new ‘bromance’ between the Country’s arch political nemeses, one however cannot but admire the political cunningness- quality that must be inherent of any politician worth his salt- of Raila Odinga.

He has outsmarted the political hyenas who have been using their lapdogs to disparage the ODM Supremo and gain political traction in a Country where politics revolve around the fulcrum that is Odinga. Many a men and women have made a name either by invoking his name or him invoking theirs.

What Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi were oblivious of, much to their tragic and likely political end is that Odinga has been in these trenches longer than any of them. He is more sagacious, crafty, has more following, political goodwill and is more political adept than the three of them shaken and put together.

Musalia Mudavadi’s mouthpiece, a once sober man who became inebriated by a trivial position as ANC Secretary General Barrack Muluka was on TV a few days ago throwing Odinga under the propeller of disapproval and claiming he betrayed his co-principals.

We could have believed him had he supported his claims with facts and figues like the intellectual he vaunts to be. The man is a walking grammar bereft of any logic. How then would he claim that Raila asked his Co-Principals to switch off their phones and that he would call them with a foreign Nigerian number?

Nigerians are known for movies that insult mortals’ intelligence. But had they taken their jokes too far and invented a number that could go through when a phone is switched off?

Muluka went ahead to insinuate that Raila Odinga is politically handicapped without the Co-principals.

Wetangula in person and buoyed by his self acclaimed bullfighter have also been claiming the swearing in was a sham. This was a fete that was attended by hundreds of thousands and supported by millions, Could they be implying that Raila was a joke?

Wiper, a Party led by a man who personifies cowardice and the word betrayal has been fronting an alleged MOU allegedly stating Kalonzo Musyoka as the Presidential Candidate after Raila.

But the enigma has showed the trio and like minded that they are political toddlers. His marriage to Jubilee has thrown the co-principals who have been threatening to leave the coalition into disarray because he has showed them he sees the bigger picture. Instead of stooping all the time to accommodate the short parties, he has beaten them at their own game.

He has purveyed that he is a strategist who knows when to use Diplomacy to stay at the top of the game. Needless to say, also for the benefit of Kenyans who are tired of the animosity among top leadership that has since trickled down to the second third and fourth generations.

Yes, to the benefit of Kenyans. History, which does not lie has it that whenever Raila has ceased fire and joined hands with the government, Kenya became more prosperous. Read the nusu mkate government as a perfect example.

As Miguna Miguna aptly predicted, dialogue could only have happened between equals; that is Uhuru as the President of Kenya and Raila as the People’s President and happened it has despite naysayers preaching otherwise.

As Uhuru and Raila said this afternoon during their truce, Kenya is bigger; they owe us peace and unity, the end of ethnicity that has been eating our fabric since independence starts with them.

Here is to a united and more prosperous Kenya!

By Aoko Otieno


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