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Dear Uhuru, Treasury CS Rotich Has Confirmed Governmet Is Broke, Can You Fix That?


Mr. President, My Classmate Has Said We Are Broke, You Can Fix It!

By Donald Kipkorir

Chapters of a Nation-State are written by its People led by its Leader. We choose and control what to write. Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir Mohamad, Meles Zenawi & Park Chung-hee wrote and Paul Kagame and Recep Tayyip Erdogan are writing beautiful Chapters of their Countries. They took their countries from state of penury, division & genocide to new levels of development, unity, national pride and culture within a decade of each.

Kenya, is in a better place than any of the above leaders found their countries. But it needs fixing and quick fixing.

The Auditor General is a Constitutional Office and the Constitution makes it MANDATORY that its Report must be acted upon. Everyday, he tells us of Multi-Billion thefts and no action. How can one import Army helicopters that can’t fly? Or buy boots for our Police that can’t be worn? Or take construction money for public buildings and roads and not build them?

Be like the above leaders. Be a true Benevolent Dictator to save Kenyan. Benevolent Dictator is not what David Murathe thinks it is. Like all the above leaders who are Benevolent Dictators, they all share same traits: they abjured personal wealth; they left no monuments in their memory; there is no street or building named after them or family; the only money they make is their salary; they don’t give any advantage to family or friends; they develop The Whole country without favoritism and they prepare the whole country for industrial take-off.

Mr. President, what legacy do you want to leave? That you left Kenya broke? When I retire in my old age to wheat farming with my classmate and reminisce about your leadership, will he look back with pride or with regret on his service as your Finance Minister?

You alone can fix this country … Whoever steals public money, let him be hanged …. Don’t let EACC run after traffic Policemen for receiving 50/=, When the Auditor General has a Directory Of those who have taken Billions.

And let The Whole Country deliver Big4 Agenda …. Every County. Every Village. And like Lee Kuan Yew, Public Servants must either support your Agenda or they go.

The choice is a true Benevolent Dictatorship or Pure Democracy. Not a mongrel.

As our President, give us your choice and your leadership in it.


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