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Wanga Cooked Her own Goose, Blaming ODM for Her Woes Is An Affront To The Party That Made Her.


That ODM is a Movement that does not eat its own cannot be gainsaid.

But the Party just like any other, rewards only the loyal. Not those who will jump ship for personal and selfish interests. In retrospect, the party has had its own shares of tolerating traitors.

Suffice to say, the Party is bigger than personal interests, bruised feminine ego or fits of pique from aggrieved cronies. ODM is in a Political camaraderie with Wiper, despite Kalonzo Musyoka’s perfidy and ANC; and the two partners also need to feel as much as part of NASA as ODM.

On the issue of Homa Bay Women Representative Gladys Wanga missing out on the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC), claims that Wiper bullied ODM for a slot and ANC ended up with an undeserved piece of the cake is an affront to the spirit of coalition.

Wanga missing out on the PSC was a timely and well deserved comeuppance. It is very exciting that the Party has woken up and is now nipping traitors from their buds. If only it had done so with the likes of Ababu, Otuoma and the ilk.

Insinuations that ODM failed Wanga are preposterous to say the least. On the contrary, Party leader Raila Odinga, its Chair and Minority leader John Mbadi and Junet Mohamed went all out even at the expense of severing ties with Wiper to have Wanga become a commissioner. In fact, the media hyped ‘divisions in NASA’ narrative was because ODM and Wiper were tussling over Momanyi and Wanga with ODM insisting on the latter.

ODM even attempted to appease Wiper by removing ANC’s Khaniri and replacing him with Mutula Kilonzo Junior so that the list would have one Wiper and two ODM with interest being Wanga and all these were being done by Raila, Mbadi and Junet, the three who are now being besmirched for failing the Homa bay MP.

Unfortunately, the Speaker, Muturi ruled that Wiper’s choice would stand to be Momanyi and ODM was thus left with one slot for the PSC. It was either Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa or Wanga.

Ditching Aisha Jumwa for Wanga would have been a political Faux pas ODM could not afford considering Kilifi County voted overwhelmingly for Raila Odinga in the last general election. If anything, Jumwa is as formidable a foot soldier as they come.

It should be remembered that it is the same ODM that forwarded Wanga’s name after consultations between Raila and Mbadi and even after Jubilee led by Duale had threatened to shoot her name down, Raila and Mbadi insisted in getting her name to Parliament. This was after Wanga tearfully sought the personal intervention of Raila fearing Jubilee might make good their threat to shut her name down.

Her name being forwarded again despite Jubilee’s indignation was at the expense of irking Memusi and consequently jeopardizing the Maasai support.

Wanga served as a commissioner for five years and came into the commission when she was little known thanks to the same Mbadi. It goes without saying that it is the same ODM that made her the Homa bay County ODM chairperson when Kaluma and his mercenaries were deployed on her. The Party further gave her a direct nomination for her second term.

Raila Odinga is more than ODM party leader; he is also the People’s President and a NASA co- principal. Reducing him to the dilly dallies of County succession politics and the whims of an aggrieved jubilee sympathizer who referred to the same Raila as kigeugeu and was ready to kowtow to the tunes of the Piper just for the same PSC slot is at its best lackadaisical and at its worst doltish.

Just because a soldier is not at the frontline does not take away his or her mettle. Wanga is still in Parliament; her political stature has not been reduced because she is not a commissioner. It is like justifying Kalonzo’s claims that he did not turn up at Uhuru Park for the swearing in because his security was withdrawn. Can’t Wanga continue in service to Party and the people in her position as Woman rep and now ODM whip? The continued tantrums by her keyboard warriors claiming Raila has let down his only strong woman soldier goes on to assert her as the supercilious soul she is.

Luo Nyanza is not starved of gallant women armed with cerebral wherewithal and political adept to stand up against the enemy. Millie Mabona, Pamela Odhiambo though a first timer are just but a few whose mettle is not in dispute.

The coterie of critics throwing Mbadi under the propeller of disapproval need to know all is fair in love and war. Wanga and her balderdash spewing should not blame Mbadi for a goose she cooked herself when she showed she was willing to betray the Party for the PSC slot.

As for who will be the Homa bay County CEO after Awiti, as it is, the 2017 gubernatorial elections are not concluded yet so let people not get ahead of themselves with baseless claims. Only the all knowing God knows who will be the Governor 2022 and there is nothing anyone can do about that. Not even online gerrymandering.


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