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“Please Forgive My Cousin ERIC OMONDI” – Famous City Lawyer STEVE OGOLLA Begs Kenyans


IN THIS MATTER OF ERIC OMONDI, I speak as family, Eric being my first cousin. We’ve grown together, we’ve struggled together. Our shared resilience, strong work ethic, and indefatigable attitude accounts for our present fortunes.

Eric is a pleasant person who does comedy for the fun and thrill. Happily it also pays his bills. I do not believe that Eric set out to violate the rights of innocent boys, and to shock the conscious of the public.

But equally incontestable is the SERIOUS ERROR IN JUDGMENT in shooting the inglorious video. While it is not uncommon for our younger brothers, cousins, and neighbors to bathe and swim naked in “Kulo Karingo,” a river named after our grandfather, it is unheard of for adults to mix with boys during such excursions.

It is for this reason that we watched the clip with shock and consternation. The moral outrage and panic is truly well founded. In terms of next steps, I have urged Eric to ISSUE PUBLIC APOLOGY for his action that has now eaten into public consciousness. Equally, I pray that the public will have a moral sense of forgiveness, and give trust a chance.


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