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The Curse Of Associating With Uhuru Catches Up With Presidents Who Dare Set Foot In Nairobi, See Examples..


There is a belief that every world leader who visits Nairobi picks a curse and falls eventually? It is apparent that all leaders that have visited President Uhuru did not end well in their countries.

In June 2016, Turkey’s President Erdogan visited Kenya. The following month there was a coup attempt in his country.

May 2016, South Korea’s Park Geun-Hye visited Kenya. The following year she was bundled out of office in a corruption scandal.

October 2016, Jacob Zuma visited Kenya. You know the story….

July 2016, Benjamin Netanyahu visited Kenya. Today, police have recommended his prosecution triggering questions on his tenure.

Was it 2016 or is it Nairobi that’s a jinx to presidents?

When former US President Barrack Obama visited Nairobi, his project Hillary Clinton failed to capture the US Presidency regardless of the popular vote he got in the election.

When Pope visited Nairobi, the spirit of blasphemy entered him and he wanted to edit the lord’s prayer and come up with his own version. Thanks to Christian’s firmness on their faith. They refused.

(or is it the blue suit?


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