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Nairobi MCAs Should Focus On Their Core Mandate, Stop Petty Politics”-Hon Mbugua


My attention has been drawn to reports in the media citing some MCAs who accuse me of meddling in the county affairs. It should not be lost upon observers that I was a candidate for Kamukuji MP during party nominations which I won fairly. However, I had to shelve my ambition at the request of party leaders in the spirit of ethnic balancing in the party. Based on this, and as a resident of Nairobi and citizen of this country, I am firmly at the heart of Nairobi politics.

Politics of development should and must encompass everyone. It is only when people have something to hide that they question any scrutiny or concerns by well-meaning members of the community like myself. While I am a great friend to the hardworking Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, I have never in any way meddled in the operations of the county.

The few MCAs who have ganged up to mislead the media and the public about my extent of the involvement in county affairs should focus more on matters that develop the county and stop the side-shows.

I believe the work of Nairobi MCAs is cut out as they are in charge of affairs of the country’s capital city which accounts for 60% of Kenya’s GDP. MCAs are mandated to be the watchdog on how the county is run and by wrongfully chanelling their time and energy to a well-meaning EALA MP and citizen like myself they have lost the plot.

I urge the elected leaders of our capital city to serve the public diligently and stop deviating from what matters which is development of the county. I thank Governor Sonko for his continued effort to improve service in Nairobi despite the many challenges he is facing. I wish to remind the MCAs that fighting well-meaning leaders is not the reason Nairobians elected them.

Lastly, I want to appreciate all those MCAs who have shunned petty politics and budy-bodies and are busy working for the good of Nairobians. Thank you.

Simon Mbugua MP EALA


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