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Is Justice Odunga Paying For His Past “Mistakes”


By H. Omollo

Justice Odunga has been moved from Judicial Review division while Justice Mativo has been moved to Judicial review division from Constitutional division.

These two divisions of the high court are crucial to entrenching the rule of law. It’s clear Odunga is being punished for his decision to declare election returning officers unconstitutionally in office. His judgement was overturned in a stinking manner that Maraga has never come clean on.

Mativo gave a backdated judgement on the 13th of October that knocked NASA team technically out of the elections and more or less acted retroactively .

Tell me why CJ should be praised for presiding over coups and counter coups in judiciary and still expects respect from both the government and opposition.

I think Uhuru knows why he is disobeying courts and he has valid grounds. Why should people you control disobey you?
NASA and Raila in particular have every reason to step out of the constitution that has been shitted on by the very protectors and implementors.

Kenya is ripe for a shutdown and renovation. This house is leaking and has pathetic plumbing works.

Happy Valentine.


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