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Ever since the beginning of “independence” of African countries which started in the late 1950s and culminated with the separation of Eritrea from Ethiopia in the mid-1990s, Africans have been lectured by their well doted Western masters on the keys to national success. The values which these “well intended” Western noblemen preach to their African subjects include Honesty, Working Hard, Respect for Human Rights, Freedom of Expression, Transparency, Democracy, Accountability and Patriotism.

While the above set of values hawked by the Western “noblemen” might sound so noble and practical, there is always a contrast when it comes to their real life interpretation especially with due regards to the majority black Africa or The Sub-Saharan Africa, as they refer.

As we know it, the Western world is sharply divided in the middle into two camps when it comes to their views of “ the others”; the Extremely racist and racially biased wing which spews deep hatred of anything perceived to be non-white. This group is fondly branded “CONSERVATIVES”. They are naturally rewarded with arrogance and racially inclined xenophobia. The other and the only other second group is the one that tries so hard to adjust to the realities of life and exercise a limited tolerance to the so obvious differences ranging from cultural, national, racial and even religious. Since the degree of tolerance in this group can be scaled, it is also divided in the middle into LIBERALS who are the most tolerant and the PROGRESSIVES, who are averagely tolerant though not so forgiving.

The above two major groups operate alternately with in the system in the Western world. As such they are both involved in the policy running, as in the home or DOMESTIC POLICY and the outside or FOREIGN POLICY. On this note I believe those in the Diaspora readily understand the point. The conservatives do the damage and the liberals do the consolation of the afflicted.

Now, coming back to our bigger concerns, the supra aforementioned “key values”, and their applicability in the day to day life of an African; The values in question (Honesty, Working Hard, Respect for Human Rights, Freedom of Expression, Transparency, Democracy, Accountability and Patriotism) are the backbones of the Domestic Policies of the Western nations. However, there is a sharp contrast between their domestic and foreign policies. In fact their foreign policies are the direct opposite of their domestic policies. The main reason here is because their domestic policies deal specifically with their locals who are mostly white and a few non-white comrades. Their foreign policies however deal with non-whites hence profit based while stripped of any element that would highlight fairness to the third parties.

Breaking down the list, the western nations put honesty, transparency, accountability and patriotism as the key qualities in any candidate to any public office within the land. Respect for human rights is paramount in their society when the human in question is a white (foreign or local) and sometimes a quasi-white light skinned race like some Arabs, Persians, Sheikhs, Hebrews and some Hispanics. When it comes to the non-white societies however, the Western nations almost always tend to opt for the Pre-Lutheran Catholic church style Indulgence payment for the transcription and forgiveness of the ICC sins and crimes. As an African they expect you to work hard but that doesn’t mean that your effort is worth rewarding in their view. As per mzungu, any duty he/she takes to completion makes him/her be considered “hard working”.

As recent as November 2017, a leader of one of the European countries was in a coffee break with some of stake holders. The leader said the following not knowing that recording was on;

[ Democracy is Expensive. Expensive things are NOT meant for many. (Referring to the EU election report from Kenya which was yet to be published) I like Africans but I feel they aren’t yet ready for any serious engagement. Besides, there is a worrying trend down there. The emergence of the likes of Nana Addo and John Pombe is a dangerous trend over there. Can you imagine of a new Africa where we would have to be drawn unto the negotiation table instead of the current orders? If you are comfortable with that, fine but to me I would rather have the 1970s dictatorships back in Africa for the sake of our stability and the gains of our ventures. I’m not a darling of Trump but I agree with him on this; Democracy and human rights in Africa can come much later. Right now business deals and contracts are paramount]

With that said, it is time to understand that most of the “noble” values preached by our Western masters to our unsuspecting sub-Saharan Africans remain merely cosmetic unless we ourselves come out in numbers to implement and ratify them.

I do not intend to revisit the Patrice Lumumba saga in the then Zaire in the 1960s, leave alone looking at Thomas Sankara, Samora Machel, Gadaffi, Nkrumah or any other player on that league due to lack of space on my A4 paper page. However, the circumstances force me to spend a few minutes and hear your thoughts of the Mobutu Sese Seko, Gen. Sani Abacha, Apartheid Era in South Africa and the Jubilee regime in Kenya. What happened in Katanga during the Mobutu era, The Ogoniland executions, The Murders in Nairobi and Kisumu in August 2017 and the Soweto Massacres have a lot much in common. Human nature is so complex and the social orders can sometimes lead to amnesia even in the face of the most dreadful hazard. Such happened in the above mentioned traumatic past. In all the above cases, the local Africans expected their learned and integral Western masters to intervene and contain the bloodshed. As we are talking now, they are still waiting.

If the truth were to be told today, some of it would sound like; had the Kenyans massacred following the 8th of August 2017 been whites, or fairer Arabs or Shiekhs, the Western world would have flexed their muscles to shame the jubileeregime and bring it down forthwith. But again, wait; they were blacks, so any deal, I mean lucrative deal, like the US$30 Billion contract awarded to the Betchel Engineering to renovate the already renovated Mombasa-Nairobi Highway, the Turkana oil wells awarded to Total Petroleum, the Coast Province mineral wealth awarded to some western companies at a penny, other mineral wealth from Western and Nyanza provinces awarded to some other westerners would just be enough Indulgence payment to forget all. And, to better cap it up, why not crown it with blood of a few hundreds of Kenyans with the top ten being Msando, Moraa Nyarangi, Baby Pendo, the Vihiga High School’s Michael, Boy Mutinda and many lesser humans whose bodies littered on the streets of Mathare, Kibera , Kisumu and Bungoma as the International Election Absorbents/Observers sang Hosanna in the Highest to the IEBC team and the Jubilee Regime! By the way, it was later understood that in August being summer, the sun was so hot and bright therefore the International Observers were wearing Sun-Glasses which hindered their eyes from seeing the carcasses or to be less Conservative, the corpses of the black deads across the country. Let’s be fair, stop the blame game and agree that from the 5-star room at Hilton and Safari Park hotels the international observers can easily see the voting and polling processes in Wajir, Kwale, Narok, Isiolo, Garissa and Kajiado and as such they easily accepted and moved on, reminding me of the someone absconding from the Vietnam deployment duty.

Changing the topic a bit, We Kenyans are very lucky and we must thank the skies. We are blessed with a God damn or God ec ambassador, I mean Yule mzungu kehara. The same man who wreaked havoc in Tunisia, yes Robert Frank God damn or Godec who single handedly misguided the Americans into making inaccurate decisions on Libya, the one man who can lay undisputable claim to the knocking down of two Kenyan heavy weights, the Business Mogul from Bungoma and the IEBC IT Giant from Ugenya Siaya Alego. This man Godec could easily drive chills down the spines of the likes of Mohamed Ali, Tyson, Frazier, Klitshenko e.t.c. The Godec I’m talking about isn’t the one you might be thinking; my Godec is one Jubilee mole with a James Bond style or a Kilimani afande style access ID in and out of the US Embassy in Nairobi. Who sends dubious cables to Washington. The man gifted with the power to crown election theft. The only Goliath to successfully threaten David Maraga, November 2017; The only one in Kenya with the name Godec, who unlike the son of Joseph and Mary, is much closer to 60 than 30. Yes; this one Godec who issued threats to the major media houses in Kenya in the late January 2018 urging them to obey the subversive orders from the Jubilee regime or face the music and expect no rescue from Washington. My Godec is even a little bit more courageous since he had the guts to warn some African countries perceived to be NASA friendly through their Ambassadors in Kenya, of “dire consequences from Washington” if they do not drop the pro-NASA stand. My favorite Godec is not just any man, he’s a man with balls to accept a deal KSHS 800 Million “gift” to from the jubilee regime not to spend with a slay queen but rather to form a team to crush the NASA coalition into small pieces. The successes of my Godec include forming small mafia linked groups from EU and the US, who silence the latter regions when there is election fraud plus murders or when the media houses have been illegally shut down, but who readily use the name of the US and EU to condemn the swearing in of the NASA leaders. For your information, my Godec easily fits into the Halloween costumes and would readily play a role in the horror movies due to his unrealistic cold blooded approach to hot issues and his ability to create convincive lies that readily outwit positive truths.

Since I don’t want to behave like an arrogant farmer and praise my bull so much, I must point out something that I don’t like about my Godec! Well, this is one man whose wife suffered severe back injuries on the 7th of August 1997 in the Extremist attacks in Nairobi, an incident that ended up condemning the lady to the wheelchair; we can assume that the lady must have forgiven her tormentors by now. However, the lections took place just one day after the 20th Anniversary of the incident. As such, we can be driven into imagining that all the mess that the uncle Sam prefect is trying to drive the country into could be a well thought MUST DO revenge. However, it must be noted that at least, as far as we know it, none of the perpetrators of the attacks were Kenyans. As such, we would rather have Godec and his underground backers spare Kenya of his revenge if at all this is going to be the case.

There are so many things Godec can do. He can bet at the spot-Pesa then visit some kiosk in Gikomba and eat the KDF. He can also borrow any of the Jubilee CSs’ fleet to catch some slay queens in the Nairobi nights. He can also help Gov. Mutua to buy better bitumen and make roads that can last a least a month. He can also give Governors Sonko and Baba Yao a few English lessons in return for some over-billed pay-checks. He can help Ababu Namwamba find a job, he can also try to translate the Pinglish of PLO to the Supreme Court judges so that next time omwami hires Ja Yimbo, the fish-monger won’t recite poetry in jargon in the Courtrooms.

Last but NOT Least, Kenya ni ya Wakenya. Godec should therefore leave us to sort our mess; I mean their mess because they are the ones who created it after pocketing their share of the EUROBOND loot and other abusive and predatory contracts involving the mineral wealth from the former Coast, Rift Valley, Nyanza and Western provinces.

Na mwisho wewe NGondek, wachana na Baba. Canaan is a MUST.

Lest history will remember you as The Ambassador of Rape, Death and Star ability (fraud star ability)


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