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“MIGUNA Is The Next King Of Luos after RAILA ODINGA” – Mt Kenya Hatemonger MUTAHI NGUNYI Now Agrees


Mt. Kenya Hater-In-Chief Mutahi Ngunyi has now accepted reality that NRM GENERAL MIGUNA MIGUNA is a force to reckon with.

Speaking to journalists in his Capitol Hill office, Mutahi Ngunyi said Miguna is set to take over from Raila as the next king of Luos.

He however said that Miguna will take the mantle by force just like William Ruto did in Kalenjin Land when he wrestled power from former President Daniel Arap Moi.

Miguna will take over Luo kingpinship from Raila by force just like Ruto did to Moi. He has proved to be couragious. He has the balls and is not a coward. It’s just a matter of time”


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