Home Opinion Protests Against Uhuru Outside UN Heaquarters Over Miguna Deportation

Protests Against Uhuru Outside UN Heaquarters Over Miguna Deportation


Kenyans In America Protested Against Kenyan Government In front Of U.N. Headquaters.

Conscientious Kenyans assembled today [Saturday 10th] at the U.N. Headquaters in New York city to demonstrate their discontent with prevailing state of affairs in their home country of Kenya as illustrated in the photos below.

Despite inclement weather due to rain, wind and thunder, a good number of Kenyans showed up, protested and made a strong statement to the world as follows:-

1. We denounced emerging dictatorship under Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto both suffering from legitimacy crisis as president and deputy respectively.

2. We repudiated Jubilee government’s infringement on the right to peaceful assembly, free press, free speech and free movement.

3. We denounced Jubilee government’s draconian decision to revoke and confiscate passports belonging to opposition leaders.

4. We demanded of ambassadors particularly from U.K and U.S. to play their diplomatic role as neutral but independent arbiters without showing favouritism for Jubilee government, yet, it’s a government that doesn’t enjoy universal acceptability among Kenyans.

5. We demanded for unconditional return of Dr. Miguna Miguna who suffered forced deportation from his home country of Kenya to his host country of Canada due to his political stand.

6. We demanded for satisfactory explanation from Jubilee government why it unilaterally shut down TV stations in contravention of the constitution.

7. We demanded for immediate and unconditional reinstatement of security details for opposition leaders.

8. We demanded for strict adherence to the rule of law which must be demonstrated by respecting court orders and according accused persons fair trial and fair administrative actions.

9. We demanded for a credible election within this year which will must be inclusive of all Kenyans who were disenfranchised by a sham election that was conducted last year.

10. We demanded for a stop to arbitrary arrests and concoction of frivolous charges that can not stand credible jurisprudential test.


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