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Uhuru Undermined The Kenya Constitution Repeatedly, We Must Rise To Defend It


By Kenya O Gilbert

Jubilee has been raping our young constitution, which is barely 10 years old, since they illegitimately seized power in 2013. They first retained the colonial and repressive provincial administration, in the name of regional and county commissioners – who are just PCs and DC’s with new titles. Never mind that the former provinces were abolished by the new constitution promulgated in 2010.

The courts went ahead and declared these offices illegal, but Jubilee just ignored the courts the way one would brush off an irritating fly. Those who know something about paedophiles can attest to the fact that the monsters develop an uncanny appetite and addiction for defiling minors, especially when their first acts go unpunished.

Though our oftentimes intimidated courts have, in some incidences, successfully stopped Jubilee right on its tracks; the fact that complacent Kenyan citizens allowed Jubilee to defile the constitution by retaining the defunct Provincial Administration, which still continues being operational in contempt of our courts, set a very bad precedent.

No wonder the illegitimate Jubilee administration has continued to repeatedly rape our 2010 constitution (a minor) with abandon. Now, they have reached a point where they’re deporting free minded Kenyan citizens from their motherland, to foreign countries. Will you be surprised if they start deporting anyone with dissenting opinion to the no man’s land in the North Pole? Those who can’t be deported will most likely be prematurely sent to meet their Maker.

It seems the more things change, the more they remain the same. When we promulgated a new constitution in August 2010, we thought Kenya had finally changed. But, as you can clearly see; a nice constitution is as good as those charged with the responsibility of implementing it.

Unless Kenyans rise up and defend their young constitution, the Jubilee paedophiles will continue to rape it with abandon. And you know what? Unless the noisy but cowardly middle-class carry placards and hit the streets; unless these informed mass of the citizenry trade their comfy homes and offices for the trenches, things can only remain the same or get worse.

A revolution is what the doctor prescribed for us now. But, revolutions the world over need strategy, which can only be offered by the learned middle class brains. Are you ready for a revolution? Its signs are all over the place.


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