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…Of Men Maturity And Growing Beard, Case Of Governor Joho, Larry Madowo And Allan Namu


By Kenya O Gilbert
There’s some maturity that comes with growing a beard. Apart from having something to stroke when in deep thought, inafanya mwanaume anawacha umama. Think I am joking?

=> Ali Hassan Joho grew a beard and stood up against the entire Jubilee gov’t machinery, which was unleashed to bring him down as Mombasa governor. He not only gave Uhuruto a run for their money but he won and remains the coast kingpin

=> John Allan Namu grew a mane and immediately realised that Githeri media was wasting him. He moved on, founded an investigative media company. He now reports serious issues without unnecessary censorship from media barons and their political godfathers.

=> Larry Madowo recently grew a beard. Suddenly, the Trend’s Larry, who used to chuckle like a brooding hen while interviewing starry-eyed socialites, now addresses serious issues in the local media industry. He has grown the balls to stand up against his compromised bosses.

Recently, he wrote a hard-hitting opinion article, about the excesses of the despotic Jubilee regime, which was rejected by the Daily Nation but ironically got published by CNN. Now that’s a fully-grown Larry Madowo.

Well, ubtill recently Madowo was this juvinile thing that was excited with fame, I remember how Mt Kenya mafia used him to kill so many Youtube accounts that were critical of Uhuru by reporting them to Google like that of social activist Sam Okemwa. Good that Madowo got his mind manned up and stopped being used. shenzi sana (Atwoli accent)

Want to man up? Stop visiting salons for sijui waxing, manicure, and pedicure; grow a real beard. Umama ndio utawacha.


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