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”I am Embarrassed With Uhuru As His Lawyer for Disobeying Court Orders”- Lawyer Ahmednasir


Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi has blasted Uhuru regime for disobeying Court Orders, he faulted the Government over the media shutdown saying that it must observe the rule of law and dictates of the Constitution. Ahmednasir is president Uhuru’s lawyer having represented him the 2017 Presidential petition.

“No matter how aggrieved and unhappy the Kenyan Government is…it MUST obey/adhere to COURT ORDERS and switch on TV signal…as a constitutional democracy that is simply not negotiable,” Ahmednasir posted on his Twitter account on Saturday.

He further took a swipe at the Government indicating they were taking advantage of Raila’s ‘reckless acts’ by arresting his allies and switching off TV signals. “JUBILEE was Hogging the universal condemnation of Raila for his reckless acts. By arresting miscreants/tramps like Miguna Miguna who in his late 50s has never found meaningful purpose in life…by switching off TV signals for a long period…by willfully disobeying court orders,” Ahmednasir said.

He also said the Government risked being viewed as a threat to democracy and constitutionalism.

“JUBILEE is being clumsy and needlessly turns a historic victory and propaganda coup into a senseless defeat. Instead of picking the pieces from NASA’s implosion, the country/world is debating whether the JUBILEE govt is threat to constitutionalism…and that is unfortunate,” Ahmednasir pointed out.


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