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Mt. KENYA MAFIA Plots another Scandal At Kenyatta National Hospital To Fix CEO Lily Koros


By Joseph Kithi

Even after Kenyatta National Hospital Chief Executive Officer Lily Koros survived a fabricated story where mothers were allegedly raped, rumour has it that the same crooks are plotting another scandal.

After their effort to have Koros sacked and a Kikuyu take over leadership of Africa’s third largest hospital, the Mt. Kenya are planning to organize another scandal and frame Koros.

For I don’t want to prempt their plan but our snoops working at the facility are on high alert on any suspicious development.

But their mission is simply to get Koros out of office. Initially they claimed that mothers who had given birth were raped on the lift and corridors when going to see their children who after birth are kept on a separate floor.

The evil scheme did not succeed because the so called victims of rape chickened out and declined to come forward and testify.

They wanted them to come and testify so that they get enough ground to ask madam Koros to retire. Still, Hospital workers who felt offended stood firm with their CEO because they like her way of doing things. In fact, they went as far as organizing a counter-demo to neutralize that of activists.

When the coached victims failed them, the whole thing flopped. The investigators found no unassailable evidence to blame Koros. Sources have revealed that a group of Mt. Kenya politicians have been meeting everyday at 8PM at Thika Blue Post Hotel to try and come up with plan B.

They decided to go back to the drawing board and come up with something that will pin the CEO. It is not yet revealed what their next move is, but members of the public and the staff of KNH needs to be on the lookout on what happens around them.

It is believed that some of the Mt. Kenya employees at the hospital are involved to succeed the plan then get promoted later. Kenyans and members of the public are put on high alert so as not to find themselves in that trap.

Kenyans must in solidarity with the CEO. Public institutions must not be run by members of one ethnicity. Koros should be left alone to perform her functions. The fact that no victim has come forth to testify, confirms that she is clean.

Whatever the Mt. Kenya Mafia are planning, Kenyans must resist.


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