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It Will Not Matter How Hard DP Ruto Campaigns, 2022 President Will Be Picked By USA Just Like 2007, 2013 and 2017


William Ruto is a big dog that can fight his battles; he doesn’t need our help or endorsements. Those who have interacted with him can attest to that.

However, the circumstances that threaten to deny him the presidency are beyond his control. What will make or break Ruto is how the Kenyan economy performs over the next five years. If Jubilee creates 6 millions Jobs annually; offer 5 million internship opportunities to youths as they promised; build the 9 stadiums; manage inflation and prices of commodities, then the son of Sugoi will be the benefactor.

If however, Jubilee fails; Ruto will carry its sins – including the blood of the opposition supporters killed by Jubilee.

I will not say anything about where America will stand in the 2022 elections; their candidate will be the Kenyan president just like they chose the Kenyan president for the last 3 election cycles.

It’s in the best interest for Ruto that Jubilee works. He must do anything for this to happen including selling his heaven on earth or anointing the Kenyan economy.

I put my eyes just like all of you.


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