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HOW Raila RESCUED Uhuru ‘boy’ Hon Sakaja in Philadelphia USA- negotiated access to DNC.


After allegedly being blocked from accessing the Democratic National Convention Hall, Hon. Johnson Sakaja finally got admitted, on Wednesday, in good time to watch the Obama speech.

Sakaja after being stranded since Monday, attempted to reach Kenyan Ambassador to Kenya Robinson Githae, who unsuccessfully tried but was told that the convention ticket issuing process had been closed, and that if Sakaja had not received an invitation earlier, there’s not a thing they could do. Sakaja tried to say that in Kenya he is the equivalent of Democratic National Committee Chair, Donna Brazile, but the security guys wouldn’t hear such non-sense.

It is at this time that Sakaja swallowed his pride, and asked Raila to help him. Raila knows Sakaja because he used to hang around Fidel Odinga and other Kenyan celebrities for hand outs, before he met Uhuru. Raila consulted with top Democratic National Committee officials, who out of respect for Raila gave an override, and instructed their juniors to process a badge for Sakaja. Rt Hon Raila has had a close relationship with the National Democratic institute dating back to the early 90s and has been invited to every convention since the days of Bill Clinton.

Sakaja was so excited to finally make it into the convention hall, and posted pictures of him at the convention Wednesday. The Convention started on Monday, and Sakaja after trying to get in, was blocked by Philadelphia police manning the entrance. Embarassed, Sakaja coiled his tail and went to drink 6-pax, with his hosts, which is how he is killing his time. Sakaja is living with friends, so he can at least save the imprests or pocket money advanced to him by his party leader of TNA. He has been avoiding being seen with Raila, for fear of being fired, as top Statehouse Operatives forbids them from talking to the Cord leader.

Sakaja/TNA wasn’t invited to the convention, and only went to Philly, USA to save face, ater realizing that Raila, Mudavadi, and Karua. the DNC chair but these people would hear none of that. Jubilee was snubbed and wasn’t invited due to a horrific human rights records and massive rigging in the 2013 elections, which is now backed by new evidence that democrats, as the ruling party are privy to. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have accused Uhuru Kenyatta’s government of increased extrajudicial killings.

Hon Mudavadi and Hon Karua are attending courtesy of Raila. Raila was invited and received 3 tickets, which is how he went with Karua and maDvD. MaDvD was a natural choice as they can finalize discussions on a few pending areas as they work towards rolling out a political deal which will once and for all pull the rug from under Jubilee’s feet through a grand alliance, that will send shivers across the political divide. I don’t know about Karua but baba and maDvD are staying in the same hotel. A major announcement that may shake the political landscape may come out of Philadelphia.



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