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BREAKING : UHURU summons the Kisii OTAMBA ‘TUMBOCRATS’ to State House for Eating and failing to sell Jubilee in Gusiiland


News Just in has it that the Nyachae-Obure led OTAMBA declaration crew have been summoned to State House later today for failing to hoodwink the Gusii and convince them to join Jubilee.

The Kisii merchants have been summoned to appear before Uhuru and Ruto Thursday 28th July 2017 to explain the poor performance.

Among the agenda for discussion includes defections and the dissolving of small parties to form jubilee party. They rebel leaders are also expected to present their 2017 probable line up and convince Uhuruto how they are planning to vanquish Governor Ongwae and ODM in general.

The line up drawn by the group is as follows:

Chris Obure Chairman Jubilee and Governor aspirant Charles Nyachae Secretary General and Senator aspirant Joel Onyancha, Deputy Governor Jimmy Angwenyi, Vice Chair Essy Okenyuri women representative, Duke Mainga youth leader Among those to attend are all jubilee kisii MPs Uhuru kenyatta is bitter that the money he gave has not been used well.

Kisii youth have revolted because the MPs pocketed money meant for youth. Sources from Statehouse indicate that Uhuruto are unhappy with some MPs and they have a parallel team to replace them.

According to The Star, the President and his Deputy have been cautioned that the current lot of Kisii leaders are obsolete and cannot perform. Uhuruto are thinking of replacing the MPs with the youthful and energetic leaders so as to get close to the youth voters.

It is believed that among those scared they won’t get a Jubilee ticket include hon Opore of Bonchari who has been marked by Uhuru confidant engineer Oimeke. As a result, Opore is believed to organize goons who beat his opponents.

Others set to fall are Jimmy Angwenyi to be replaced by jubilee strategist Bernard Nyamwaro. In Kitutu Chache South, Uhuru is okay with Richard Onyonka. In Nyaribari Chache tongi is a man under siege as Rachel Otundo a renowned surveyor angles to Remove him. In Bomachoge Chache Amos Nyamoko Andama who was second in 2013 is set to challenge Eng. Ogari.

On Friday last week a Charles Nyachae believed to be drunk by the time, was booed and chased from a burial in masimba Nyaribari Masaba where he went to spread the Otamba declaration gospel.

Some kisii MPs like Jimmy Angwenyi and Richard Onyonka who have been playing with Uhuruto cash are scared. Jimmy Angwenyi was chased from Nyankanda village for cheating wananchi. He has since stopped visiting the villagers after exposing himself to public ridicule.



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