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WHY ‘Hon’ Aden Duale SINGS Raila everywhere ‘Bedroom’, toilet, FUNERALS, ICC rallies,


By Hon Jim B
Aden Duale is doing a wonderful job gossiping with Raila’s name in funerals and the so called rallies which are normally poorly attended. He copied this rotten attitude from William Ruto who is notorious at bashing Raila for political expediency.

I watched as he sensationally alleged yesterday that Uhuru Kenyatta is too big to respond to Raila Odinga directly. He therefore awarded himself the responsibility of responding to Raila before going ahead to use derogatory and demeaning adjectives against Raila Odinga in his characteristic arrogant nature.

But you people don’t know what is disturbing Duale. He suffers from inferiority complex. He doesn’t get much attention from jubilee as he expected hence he compensates for this by making a lot of noise and bashing the opposition.

He also believes that the surest route to political glory and fame is by attacking Raila by applying the same old tired lines used by unlearned idiots like, “Raila is old”, “Raila failed “,” Raila is a raia”.
As he does this, he has forgotten that his constituency suffers the highest infant mortality rate in the country at 3,700 per year.

But when he roams around the country chiefly attending funerals and so called prayer rallies, you will be forgiven to think he is leading the most prosperous constituency in the country.

Something else that disturbs Duale is the painful fact that jubilee regime has failed. They had an exciting manifesto which was prepared by professionals and given to people like Duale to read.

They got carried away with the good grammar, the color mix, design and pictorial representation of the jubilee manifesto but in real sense, the whole jubilee lot understood nothing in it,and especially Duale did not even understand the title of the manifesto.

Now, they’ve realized that translating their manifesto into tangible development projects is a conundrum. Even more worrying is how they will convince their supporters to give them a second chance in 2017 because in 2013, they relied mostly on lies, trickery and propaganda which will not sell again.

So, he is fooling himself that he can whip emotions of Kenyans into hating Raila and finally leading to his rejection at the ballot by demeaning and belittling him.

This explains why he gets so violent with his hate statements against Raila with the hope that his violent nature will make Kenyans believe him.

Something also cheats him that focusing on belittling Raila Odinga, as his main development agenda, may give him mileage and a following outside his poor constituency which is reportedly fed up with his childish behavior and reportedly revolting against him.
His end will be apocalyptic.


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