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Raila and Governor Joho RIDE HIGH in COAST Politics


The ODM tip of the spear is in Mombasa, and ODM members are united behind their Leader and Deputy, who are working relentlessly to ensure that the party is re-energized to win decisively in 2017.

Whoever disrespects the Deputy Party Leader, is equally disrespecting the Party Leader and has to be stopped in his/her tracks. That is why the evil triad of Suleiman Shabhal, Awiti Bolo and Ramadhan Kajembe has to be pushed back with all the energy that we have.

Mombasa Governor and Cord’s lynchpin at the Coast has through his efficient management of Mombasa Gubernatorial office showcased what an ODM Govt would look like. And Jubilee must surely be feeling defeated that despite their intimidation of Joho through fabricated accusations and prosecutions, Joho has remained firm in ODM.

It must have been humble pie for Jubilee when Cord Supremo Raila Odinga was granted the honor of launching the COASTAL REGIONAL ECONOMIC blueprint. And his views about Jubilee looting of the government couldn’t have been observed at a better forum.

Due to the effective leadership of the Party Leader and his DPL the party is more rejuvenated and focused as we head towards a decisive first round 50%+1 victory in 2017. The party’s TIP OF THE SPEAR has to be guarded by all party members, who ought to be the army of bloggers. We have to make it a habit to re-tweet the postings of our Party Leader and share widely his most recent pronouncements which are very enlightening to the ignorant and unsuspecting masses.

Most importantly is the message that truthfully reveals Jubilee is trading in the Eurobond cash abroad to raise campaign funds in 2017. And I really liked it when the Party Leader asked Uhuru to arise and report to duty.

Jubilee may have its gang of 36 who do it for pay, but ODM volunteer members in their millions will overpower the Uhuru boys if we stay focused on the big price, and without losing sight of the bigger picture. We don’t get paid, but we have the faith that what we do for ODM is a service for the nation.

We have to advance that which is right, and ODM manifesto is what is right, and we have to defend our party, with all we have got. We are like siafu well positioned to feast on the Jubilee snakes.
Uhuru will go home in 2017.


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