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Word along procession way, Statehouse Road and Harambee Avenue (where top Statehouse operatives hold meetings) confirms panic and confusion among top statehouse operatives on the next cause of action following Raila Odinga’s strong statement today.

In the statement Raila was blunt that it is Uhuru who is tormenting his deputy in the ICC.

Raila asked Uhuru to;

1. Order his staff messirs Moses Kuria, David Murathe and lawyers Kamotho Waiganjo and Njenga Mwangi to immediately swear affidavits and disclose the names of the witnesses who they recruited against Hon. William Ruto and what they told them to say against him so that the defense lawyers may discredit their testimony in their arguments on “no case to answer.” This will also help those willing to testify in favour of the DP, including myself.

2. Order the former Director of Intelligence Mr. Michael Gichangi, the President’s political advisor Ms Nancy Gitau and Principal Secretary Mr. Mutea Iringo to immediately swear affidavits regarding their role in incriminating Hon. William Ruto and disclosing the evidence that they procured against him so that the defense lawyers succeed in their “no case to answer” motion.

3. Order the National Intelligence Service to immediately recant and withdraw the confidential exhibits 19 and 19 A of the Waki Report which contains the evidence incriminating Hon. William Ruto in the Pre-Election violence of 2007/2008. If the President does not do the above, then we must conclude that he and his PNU brigade are playing a very cruel and callous game against Hon. William Ruto.

In order to buy time Statehouse has requested URP MPs through the Sky Team led by Hon Murkomen, Hon Kindiki and Hon Duale to put on hold any press briefing till one common stand is agreed by Jubilee coalition.

URP MPs who were to hold a press conference to congratulate Raila for his candidness were asked to hold their horses at least for the next 24 hours.

Nancy Gitau is the most worried of the alleged fixers who are still on the payroll of Uhuru either in government or through in Uhuru’s other private offices like the UK Centre.

David Murathe is said to be unmoved, he is a personal friend to the president and he holds no public office other than as chairman of the infant JAP party.

Will bring you more as the drama unfolds>>


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