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…Kenyans BEG Raila to comment on the COLLAPSING ECONOMY, give ideas to CLUELESS Jubilee regime


With revelations that the government is bloke and treasury is planning to borrow billions from the domestic market to fill up the gaps caused by massive waste via corruption in government.

Kenyans now demand to hear from the peoples’ president Raila Odinga on the state of the economy.

The economy that has been undermined by massive corruption in the Uhuru regime has led to suffering of millions of ordinary Kenyans, only this week it was reported that a teacher in Kirinyaya committed suicide mainly due to delayed September salaries among other financial related stress.

Small scale traders and the middle class will have to tighted their spending belts as bank interest rates rages. Tenderpreneurs are also having it rough as the government has failed to pay for the services/work already done leading to stalling of already commissioned projects.

We know if Raila comments Uhuru will definitely wake up, we had the issue of grenade attacks but after PM made a comment Uhuru acted and for now we seem to be ok, said a TNA MP who requested anonymity

Quantitative easing (printing of cash) not backed by sound economic projects has led to stagflation and therefore many dark days to come>>>


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