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HOW Kuria Propaganda BACKFIRED on Uhuru and WHY They are SCARED of Raila TESTIFYING for Ruto in ICC


By Rotich Adams

Kuria’s propaganda is a well calculated sensational scheme intended to divert the attention of the Kalenjin from the real fixers of Ruto. Yet Kalenjin milk and maize prices, and fertilized prices will for the time being remain unresolved.

The bad news is that the strategy that Kuria sold to Ruto as the solution has come back to bite Jubilee, as Raila’s brother Oburu has volunteered to testify at The Hague in defense of Ruto. And Luo and Kalenjin elders are now talking on how best to save Ruto from the jaws of the Kikuyu mafia imposed Hague.

Ruto also see an opportunity in having Raila be the one saying his true version of who fixed Ruto, the exact people that the defense named like Nancy Gitau, Michael Gichangi and Mutea Iringo, without Ruto himself saying it and risk consequences from Uhuru and the dreaded TNA brigade.

TNA MPs don’t even want Raila to testify, coz they know that would be it. TNA MPs are silently threatening to forward more damning evidence files to ICC if Ruto allows Raila to testify, and/or should Ruto make a stupid political move to appease Raila. The truth is that Ruto defense believes that an ODM testimony is key to exonerating Ruto, as he was then a member of ODM serving as Raila’s most trusted Deputy.

A Raila testimony would be live on CNN and would once and for all shut this ICC case once and for all, as he is a credible and trustworthy man, who commands respect around the world. Kalenjins would all High Five at how Raila put his stature and global standing on the line to testify for Ruto. URP MPs would be under pressure to return to ODM.

However Murkomen and Charles Keter, should request Raila with respect, not intimidation. Sending a delegation of Kalenjin elders to Raila’s Opoda farm would also send a powerful message. A Kalenjin bride for Baba to help Ida would also be a positive gesture to convince baba to give his exonerating testimony in Ruto’s defense.

And I know Baba loves Ruto enough to testify for him without any 2017 strings attached. And they should try and have Oburu or even Namwamba testify, and see whether it would help, then they can come to Raila if those don’t help. The ultimate goal and wish of all ODM supporters and tribes is to have Ruto case dropped.

And they want Ruto to work with Raila on this. Talk with, not talk at Raila. Otherwise when they show disrespect, Raila supporters will barricade JKIA to prevent Raila from going to the Hague to testify for Ruto.

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