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DP Ruto building sh1.2 billion World class PALACE, SUPERIOR than President Moi’s Kabarak home


Deputy President William Samoei Ruto is constructing an imposing private residence near Eldoret town on alleged disputed land where IDPs have staked for years.

The DP is shifting base from his Turbo home to this new palace, located in Moiben Constituency.

When complete, the home will be the most luxurious residence for a political figure in East and Central Africa. It is only comparable to Mobutu Sesse Seko’s ‘paris in the jungle’ Gbadolite home, constructed at the height of Kuku Benda Wazabanga’s corrupt, ruthless rule, today a haunted relic of everything that went wrong with Mobutu’s Congo.

Among the foremost features of the home is an airstrip, an athletics stadium bigger than Migingo Island, a German-inspired bunker, three Olympic-sized Swimming pools,  and a cow-shed big enough to accommodate 1000 cows, 900 sheep, 600 goats and 1300 rabbits.

The home is allegedly being constructed by a renowned Chinese constructor who is said to have constructed the home of the Prince of Monaco.

The guest house, detached from the main house, will be able to accommodate 200 men, 200 women and over 127 children.

The home is estimated to sit on a land the size of Mpeketoni, or Nairobi University main campus.


“It will be a home befitting the status of a President,” a source familiar with the DP’s political activities said.

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